About the artist

We use to play "ghost in the grave yard" and flash light tag as a kid. It just felt like when he sun went down we entered into another dimension, one that looked like our own but shrouded in dark. Where we could sneak around a play with no one seeing us. It was like, being free from the judgmental eyes and enjoying the sweet release of the imagination. The neighbors couldn't see us being up to no good, and our parents lost track of curfew. Just us kids, the warm endless summer and that beautiful darkest of dark. 

But as you get older, those nights change, and the spark starts to fade

A place is born from these memories.

My love for night photography grew in college, but discovered that a quality camera to take such photographs were not easily obtained. That's when my knack for mix media came in. Combining my photos with hand drawn digital components, creating these odd, and somewhat creepy scenes, was the start of my career. Then came the fascination of this thought of, what a street light witnesses  while were all home and sleep. That  is, if we are home and asleep. During my years at school, not like most people, I spent most of my time working entirely too much in the studios. I would find myself almost frozen to death, walking home at 4 in the morning  ( which inspires many of my winter illustrations),with all the bars closed and not soul in sight. I would occasionally see a light on here and there, and wondered what their reason was to be up this late. I remember thinking "wow, they should really get to bed it's getting really late", when I was equally as guilty. All that time, spent alone in the studios then walking home to an empty apartment, made me see the world differently. It made me see my self differently..  My night owl life style had me dwelling  more on the past, and day dreaming of impossible futures with this small empty town around me, a new one grew inside my head. One a bit different.. 

And this came to life with every drawing I ever made. Every illustration is a new story  inspired by these moments of seclusion and feeling lost with a fist full of hope.. These are the building blocks to the little town you see before you and the foundation of every house on the avenue. This world inside my head. One a bit different  but somewhat familiar, one that we all might have visited before in the past. Like a place born from memories, warm endless summers and the beautiful darkest of dark.

My name is Dan Senneway and these are stories from a little town known as.... 

Special thanks to all of those who supported me until this point and from this day forth.

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