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After Dark 


We wander the night alone. It’s a beautiful time to get lost in, a time to embrace the shadows and let the porch lights guide the way, when the wanderers roam free and the lost find their place. There isn’t anything to be afraid of now, enjoy the bittersweet side of night, the loneliness it knows so well, as we choose to hide from it ‘til morning.  Until the sun rises, we will eternally be a part of the AFTER DARK.

My body of work allows viewers to feel a connection with the solitude in each artwork. I create these lonely nights to tell a story or relay a memory that I believe to be something bittersweet. By doing so, I create an environment that conveys a certain mood or feeling, allowing the viewer to understand the character in each setting.  I hope that viewers put themselves in each short story and find something of their own to relate to, letting them understand that being alone shouldn’t be seen as anything bad.   

These images are the major break through, and also the end point of my college years. Most of these were in me senior exhibition , the very start of the after dark. Setting the mood and letting the imagination take you to these places was the main objective, but also giving them an escape to the peace and quite of night. 

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