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The Lost Show

Welcome to our little town. If this is your first time visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay and make yourself at home. If you are a recurring visitor, well then, hello again. If you are not sure of who you are or where you are going then this is the town for you. But Like I said, you are not the first to experience this and you will not be the last; however, you are in luck. Today is the day we celebrate the ones who came before, the ones who stared too long into the night and those who dwell too long in moments past. 
These are their stories; within this town are tales of every memory that keeps us rooted to the past. These are the moments that take over and manifest into something beautiful and lonely, amazing but forgotten, decrepit, decayed, and yet still alive. 
Every dark silhouette that dances in the corner of an eye on those long walks home at night. That feeling someone is watching, that whisper of a name that is heard when no one’s around, are the reminders of these memories. They are part of this town just like you and me. They are the haunting's of the After Dark. The lost stories.

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