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The Neighborhood 

A  place  for  artists  to  tell  their  stories

There is a street in the After Dark, past the baseball fields and empty playgrounds, with many open lots to settle in. We are now ready for some bright and creative minds to join this little town. This portion of the website is meant for building an art community, a one-stop-shop of your creative inquires. As the list of artists and craters grow, any new comer can check out a span of specialists in their craft for commissions, apprenticeships or a gift for a loved one. What ever the case is, this page will help others find their place in the art world.  

 how this works:

You can  send me a link to your website and a little bit about your work, (via Facebook, email, carrier pigeon) I then can post it on here.  Also, you can leave comments about  an event coming up to help spread the good news. Or you can stop by and tell me how I'm doing, constructive criticism is always welcome here. 

I hope to see some new faces and especially some familiar ones.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Thanks! Message sent.

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