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First Arts Fair

Pictures of my set up for Horse Trading Days. Special thanks to all who made it out and to those who helped set up and tear down. Here are some images of my setup. I was very happy with all my last minute dissensions. First show advertising my new stickers and new logo. Also very satisfied with the turnout of the banner. THE ONE BAD THING WAS THAT I HAD NO T SHIRTS!!!! NEXT TIME THOUGH!!!!

Over all it wasn't a bad 3 days, the weather held which was my main concern. Going into this I had no idea what to expect, I only heard "rumors" about how well vendors do and the kinds of crowds it brings. So going into this completely blind, it turned out to be a good "training wheels" kind of show. Everything was a learning experience and the lessons were taught. The crowds ranged from all ages, most were just card pickers ( my new definition for those who just take cards and leave). But! A good few asked for commission, and thats not common for me so...MORE LEARNING EXPERIENCES!

The prints I used were from the Printing Post off of babcock Blvd. They normally don't specialize in art related prints but I really, really liked the paper. Colors were not what I wanted but the brightness ( which is the uphill battle for me) turned out really well....on some.

So thats my review, over all Horse Trading Days in Zelienople was a great way to ease into the arts fair, unlike the disaster of last years are walk in Grove city....

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