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The Good Night Tavern Welcomes you..

As of now, this new attraction of the After Dark is currently under construction.. I am so sorry for the inconvenience..

But fear not we have the best of the best on the job! "Scoot the Contractor", and his team are hard at work, building you a whole new After Dark experience.

While we wait, I want you to ask yourself, do you like gaming with friends? D&D and other live role play games? If yes, then the Good Night Tavern is the place for you!

I always believed that artists need a place to belong. A community of sorts that helped each other grow and provide support. Over the years of struggling to make it as an artist, I've discovered a new hobby that gave me that feeling of "belonging". Starting up my own artist community is a big job, and a difficult one. So I am taking a detour to a new audience one that helped me out. Starting off smaller and working my way up to bigger things, I am dedicating the Good Night Tavern for my latest hobby - the board game /D&D community

The Good Night Tavern, is starting as a YouTube channel where players can live stream and share their board games and campaigns. The idea of  tavern always made me think of welcoming someone in from the cold, to a safe, warm and inviting environment. Pull up a seat, eat drink and tell stories, of their greatest adventures, as you and your friends play through all your favorite games.


My goal is to bring the laughter, and  comradery of tabletop RPG into the lives of those who cannot expreince it. I want to bring them out of the cold and into a world full of fantasy and adventure. 

So join me, as we light the hearth grab some drinks and throw some dice.

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Currently under construction...

If you are interested.. Please follow directions below..

1. Email me at 

2. In this email, state your name, the game you are playing ( board games and RPG only), the number of players and any proof of past games via youtube or twitch. 


3. Please make sure you and your friends are committed to playing, and completing the game. I understand its not easy getting people together, but we want full and completed games.


4. You will be responsible for editing, and presenting your videos ready to be uploaded. Try to have a some what of a decent production, cuts, audio, video quality etc.

5. The Tavern is like a sponsorship, you are allowed to play what ever and how ever you want. Just remember, you are borrowing the Tavern's name. Whether you are staying with us, or running a single play through, here and there. If you want us to share your game play, then you must advertise the  logo, along with mentioning you are playing  in our metaphorical tavern. 


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